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Testimonial: "A Software which is useful for any Java Programmer. A Must Have to get the work done!"

DJ Java Decompiler 3.12 Upgraded Version

AndroChef Java Decompiler 1.00                    

what is DJ Java Decompiler?

With DJ Java Decompiler you can decompile java CLASS files and save it in text or other format. It's simple and easy.

DJ Java Decompiler is a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/ 2000/XP decompiler and disassembler for Java that reconstructs the original source code from the compiled binary CLASS files (for example Java applets).


Over 10 Million Downloads Worldwide!

According to CNET.com, in the past 8 years the various versions of DJ Java Decompiler has been downloaded over 10 Million times!

Making it one of the most downloaded Java softwares in the world!

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The Benefits of DJ Java Decmpiler.

    You can recover lost or accidentally destroyed source code.
    Decompiling Java is an excellent way of learning both Java and how the Java VM works.
    Makes it easy to peek into Java classes and learn from the source.
    Its easy to use and the intuitive graphic user interface eases the learning curve for new starters in Java.
    Fixing and debugging .class files.
    Use DJ Java Decompiler when developers are slow to respond to questions that need immediate answers.
    For exploring the sources of Java runtime libraries.
    To check the results of your obfuscation ;)

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